San Diego
Victim Assistance Coordinating Council

Who We Are

The Victim Assistance Coordinating Council (VACC) is a San Diego based community nonprofit umbrella organization. VACC is composed of crime victims and a broad presentation of service providers vitally involved in various aspects of crime victim assistance. This website is designed to provide information, options and resources available to victims and survivors of crime.

VACC is dedicated to providing better services to victims through the collaborative cooperation of our members from law enforcement, local government, medical and mental health agencies, and other victim service providers. VACC is especially involved in educating the community about the plight and special needs of crime victims.

VACC Executive Officers:
Mary Edwards, President
Polly Montano, Vice President
Kelly LeSage, Secretary
Robert Hensley, Treasurer

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The Victim Assistance Coordinating Council is pleased to provide
the following booklet specifically designed for victims and survivors of crime with
helpful information, options, and resources: